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About Us

Pilates is now one of the most popular forms of exercise, with over 12 million people practicing worldwide. Here in the UK, its appeal has been ever growing since it was introduced from America by Alan Herdman in the 1970s. The technique was originally developed in the early 1900s by it’s namesake Joseph Pilates. Of course methods and techniques have been refined over the decades, but the basic principles remain the same. Pilates is a form of exercise designed to elongate, strengthen and revitalise the whole human body. Pilates concentrates on stretching and moving your body to increase balance, flexibility, core strength and muscle tone.

The beauty of Pilates is that almost anyone can participate regardless of their fitness level or age. The benefits of Pilates are threefold.

  • It increases general fitness by working on key muscle groups and the skeletal system.
  • It has significant health benefits, for example an improvement in bone density and blood circulation. In addition it is hugely helpful as a rehabilitation process for bone or muscle injury. It is also a popular exercise for anyone suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • It will improve overall well-being. Pilates will make you feel better and stronger as well as improving your concentration.

About The Teachers

It is of paramount importance when choosing a Pilates class that the teacher is fully qualified and experienced, rather than simply a Pilates enthusiast.


Melissa ReinkeMelissa Reinke heads up the Pilates classes with her fellow teachers at her  studio in St John’s Wood, North West London. Melissa is a fully qualified Pilates Equipment and Matwork Instructor having completed the Pilates Foundation UK Training Course in 2006 – the most highly accredited and respected qualification in the UK.  She is also a level 3 Personal trainer.

Melissa has an extensive repertoire and enjoys teaching classical Pilates. Melissa has also trained extensively with James D’Silva and his Garuda equipment having completed the Garuda teacher training. As well as providing a strong workout and encouraging strength, flexibility and body-toning, Melissa also has an extensive knowledge of Pilates for injury rehabilitation and pre/post-pregnancy.

Melissa has trained with some of Pilates’ most notable individuals who have had the secrets of Pilates passed down by Joseph Pilates himself. This thorough training enables a fully comprehensive and safe Pilates class using every piece of equipment.


Luigi has explored his passion for movement through many years of athletics, cycling, football and general fitness to a semi-professional level.

Formerly a fashion model in Milan, he moved to London where he trained for several years under James D’Silva’s supervision, learning Pilates and James’ own creation & method: The Garuda (Pilates Apparatus & Repertoire), this initiated him to a world ruled by ‘precise movements’ that became the only natural progression of Luigi’s physical pursuits.

Today Luigi is a fully-qualified Garuda teacher & Personal Trainer with over 5 years experience teaching Pilates; he has clients of all ages & fitness levels, his training has in fact enabled him to fully challenge every physique, always respecting body integrity and movement precision. He is also a fanatical geologist and believes that our knowledge of nature and its rules is a great source of inspiration for both body and soul.


Maria completed the Full Pilates Foundation UK training course in 2006 which incorporates Matwork and all Pilates equipment.

Since then, Maria has worked extensively teaching in London and abroad.
Maria is experienced and qualified to teach all levels of client ranging from beginner to advanced and is confidently able to incorporate Pilates into a clients rehabilitation programme.