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Melissa Reinke

Melissa Reinke heads up the Pilates classes with her fellow teachers at her studio in St John’s Wood, North West London. Melissa is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and fully qualified Pilates Equipment and Matwork instructor, having completed the Pilates Foundation UK Training Course – the most highly accredited and respected qualification in the UK.

Luigi has explored his passion for movement through many years of athletics, cycling, football and general fitness to a semi-professional level.

Formerly a fashion model in Milan, he moved to London where he trained for several years under James D’Silva’s supervision, learning Pilates and James’ own creation & method: The Garuda (Pilates Apparatus & Repertoire), this initiated him to a world ruled by ‘precise movements’ that became the only natural progression of Luigi’s physical pursuits.

Maria completed the Full Pilates Foundation UK training course in 2006, which incorporates Mat work and all Pilates’ equipment.
Since then, Maria has worked extensively teaching in London and abroad.
Maria is experienced and qualified to teach all levels of client ranging from beginner to advanced and is confidently able to incorporate Pilates into a clients rehabilitation programme.