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Having tried a number of Pilates teachers over time, I am really pleased to have found Melissa. I have had a number of recent joint problems and operations and Melissa has been very skilled at working with and around these, ensuring I get maximum benefit from a session and work to my limits – but remain pain free. She’s also terrific company and I always look forward to my hour with her.

M. Waldren – June 2015

I have always suffered from tension headaches as a result of my shoulders being up around my ears worrying about something but from the day I started my 1-2-1 lessons with Melissa 3 years ago, I can’t remember the last headache I had! I now stand with a better posture, I’m more flexible and I’m much stronger. It’s a lovely satisfying part of my week that I hate to miss. She’s just the best and lovely too.

S. Gayer – July 2015

When I first came to work with Melissa Reinke, I had been doing Pilates for nearly 20 years in an assortment of studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London and consider myself if not a devotee, at least with some knowledge of what a good studio can offer.
Working with Melissa has been way above any other experience and the effects of our twice weekly work outs have been inspirational.
I’ll add that I am a 75 year old woman who maintains an extremely physical 12 hour a day job that I am convinced I would not be able of doing without the work and pleasure put into my physical regime.
Simply I think she’s the best.

R. Myers – June 2015

‘Melissa has inspired me to take pilates to a more advanced level. She is able to accurately spot my areas of weakness and constructively advises how to correct them.

Every lesson is a challenge and is so diversified. I feel the best I have felt in years and am at my optimal weight and fitness. For the first time in years my old shoulder injury is not bothering me. I look forward so much to every session with Melissa and leave with a sense of real achievement and satifaction every time. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Melissa as a pilates teacher should feel very blessed indeed.’

K. Cooper – Hampstead, London

‘Dynamic, invigorating and vibrant mixed in with lots of fun and dedication, Melissa’s classes are always interesting and tailor made for each individual’s needs. I would do a class with her everyday if I could! Great for the body and mind.. PERFECT!!’

S. Kohli – Queens Park, London

‘I started doing Pilates with Melissa three years ago. My fitness level has never been better, and all the chronic aches and pains I had for years have disappeared.

Pilates has taught me how to connect and engage all my muscles on a regular basis, dramatically improving my posture and making my other exercise more effective. Melissa is an amazing (and fun!) teacher who supports and challenges to your specific needs and abilities.’

M. Adler – West Hampstead, London

Pilates for the students at Highgate School is now part of their weekly curriculm.  Since introducing this activity it has given the children more phyisical and emotional benefits and its fun too.  They understand how their body works, stimulates their minds and ultimately making them feel good.

Paul Ashton – Highgate School

I started Pilates to ease chronic back pain and work on strengthening stomach muscles.  I’ve come away with more than I ever anticipated.  I have better energy and stamina, making me feel so much better.  Life is now a case of ‘bring it on’ rather than ‘I’m so tired – cuppa tea?’

Ceceilia Coleman – Mat Client, Kailash Centre

Due to my hypermobility Eli recognised I had misaligned toes making every pair of shoes uncomfortable causing symptoms such as achy legs and terrible posture.  With weekly pilates Eli has corrected my toes, I have also had toe speraters made and now I can do sport and walk properly with no achy legs.

Zoe Dedman – Teenager

Eli’s one-to-one training is so personalized for she really tackles my body needs.  I have seen incredible results in my posture, flexibility and core strenth.  I no longer sugger back problems and forward to my weekly lessons.

Mara Sternman – Equipment class one-to-one

I have been having one-to-one lessons with Eli for 3 years now and my body craves my weekly lessons.  I am extremely hypmobile so my body siezes up very easily.  As you get older you tend not to use your stomach muscles and you start to drop your shoulders.  With pilates it reminds you on breathing, stretching and how to hold yourself keeping you flexible and not having back problems – it’s a must!! 

Ruthe Wainman – one-to-one client

I had always heard about Pilates, but I never really “got it” when I went to one of Eli’s  classes I came away feeling so much better in my mind body and spirit I now can’t live without it.  Eli gives me such focused attention I’ve moved on from beginning level to middle/higher levels. 

Gale Levy – one-to-one client